What is the One Hundred Design initiative?

The One Hundred Design initiative is something I decided to do this year. Commencing at the start of 2017, the idea is simply to create one hundred (100) different designs. Combining design strategy, publication, branding, graphics and web, I would like to share this passion of mine to help people through my creativity.

What is the big picture?

  • To share the joy and passion for design with everyone.
  • Help communities to grow and build excitement.
  • To give something back throughs skills learnt over time.

How are we tracking towards 100 Designs?

Memorable Design per month

One hundred design banners.

Project Type: Kickstart an idea

First annual report.

Project Type: Not for Profit
Organisation: The Boys’ Brigade Victoria

College Community Fun Day

Organisation: St Joseph’s College
Promotional Material consisted of posters, flyers, signages and digital banner.

Piano Dan

Developing brand presence for Piano Dan.

Missions Conference 17

Organisation: The Church @ 1330
Developed posters and promotional DL cards for one-day Missions Conference.

The Boys’ Brigade 33rd Vic Boronia 40th Anniversary Yearbook | 1976 -2016

Organisation: The Boys’ Brigade 33rd Vic Boronia

See designs completed so far in this initiative

Do you need a design?

If you need a design, I would love to be part of it! It is chance to design for others to make a difference for their organisation. It’s a joy to help those in need.